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 Even deep-seated  

​​​​​​​Chronic DEpression

Depression is a symptom of highly distorted and controlled modern 'living'...

which leads to Depression​​​​​​​

There is NOTHING more mentally debilitating in life than Low Self-Esteem 

There is a massive amount of information on the Internet about depression - and suggestions about how to cure it.


However, this UNIQUE content here addresses issues and underlying problems that most other treatments fail to mention or even understand.

Once you go into the deeper realms of life and reality and understand the TRUTH about your personal role on Earth - virtually every ailment can be fully cured without medical intervention or chemical drugs...

Depression is no different. ​​​​​​​

Be All You Were MEANT To Be!

Live your life on your own terms

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The Ultimate Guide to Banishing Low

Self-esteem and depression


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Geoff Barra

Artist, Author, Self-development mentor

and live the life you deserve...

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Of course - it is not quite so easy to just alter a life-time of ingrained issues and experiences and may need more help with this.


An OPEN MIND is essential for ANY natural cures to be effective. So, open your mind - and CURE your depression...

These videos WILL help you to cure any Depression you have...

(if you can open your mind)


However, for a guaranteed end to ALL Depression in your life you will need to follow a holistic approach to making positive changes in your life...

ALL Depression is, one way or another, related to Low Self Esteem -

which is created by your Belief-system

Alter your Belief-system (by freeing your mind) and Low Self-Esteem simply cannot sustain itself - and will disappear...

If you understand the deeper and more estoteric processes controlling your life and existence on Earth - you will realise that you DO have the power to Banish Low Self-Esteem

Read my latest book - which will change the way you think about yourself and will lead you to gain a new perspective about life and reality... 

This is new and totally unique content, rarely considered before - and is effective on many, many levels, whether you are troubled by self-esteem issues or in the throes of acute depression